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We are all aware of the changes we are experiencing in weather patterns all over the world, we all know the climate is changing, we will attempt to determine why and what we can do about it

The objective of this website is to unite everyone that has concerns about the future state of the climate, and I am sure there are many millions that think like I do, but we need a united front, some where we can share ideas, leave comments and give support.

I am an octogenarian so I am not concerned for myself but I do have 18 grandchildren and some of them could very well be alive in another hundred years I shudder to think what the climate will be like the end of their life span, we must think not only of the temperature but of the political climate also

There are millions of refugees looking to relocate for various reasons, not only because conflict has made them move on for their safety, or that they reason they will be financially better able to support their families in a different country.

Now consider the effects of rising sea levels; there are already communities relocating from low-lying islands that are being inundated, it seems inevitable that this problem will affect many more people, and I am not talking about a few small islands there are whole countries that are at risk from flooding.

As the world gets hotter it will become increasingly more difficult to avoid dying of thirst, or starving due to the lack of water to irrigate crops, it is inevitable that these people if they think they can migrate to a different country and survive they will consider doing so.

The future predicted

I have a dream

Are we going to Australia again for a holiday this year?

I do not think we can afford it

do not be silly I have got plenty of money in the bank

It is not that, it is our carbon footprint we have been running the two cars all the year

We have no solar installation so we don't get extra points for that and those air miles are very expensive carbon wise so that means if we go to Australia we will not be able to run a car next year.

Unless you buy an electric car, then we will need to have two of those

Have you still got plenty of money Darling?

I have done some work on some of the sections, have patience there is a lot to do.

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